Essential Readings?

If you had to pick one or two absolutely essential readings to prepare for this meeting, which would you recommend?

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This website is designed to both provide briefing material on proprietary challenges in stem cell research and enhance the typical briefing process by facilitating the sharing of thoughts, feedback, and expertise in advance of our plenary meeting and working group sessions.

The briefing material is organized into four sections

Communication: In order for this experiment in social media to work – we need your help! Every page on this website allows for comments (at the bottom of each page).
We would very much like for you help us in enhancing the briefing process by sharing your valuable insights and expertise.

  • Is there anything missing? Any helpful publications/presentations that could be included? Are there any key features that we have overlooked?
  • Are there any errors; areas that would benefit from clarification; improvements that can be made to the content?
  • Most importantly, we would like you to get the conversation started now.  As you read through the material, please share your reflections, comments, and concerns.

Information about all updates to the website will be posted as blog entries under the ‘Home’ tab, so you can quickly locate any changes.  We will also be adding additional briefing materials that are currently under construction, such as the results of our interviews to assess industry perspectives. We will send out an email digest of all comments and changes on October 22nd and 29th.

*Note: This website is private and only accessible by members of this group.

To simplify access, we are using a single username/password for the group, so please identify yourselves in the body of your comments. Feedback can also be emailed to Alan Regenberg.

A printable (pdf) version of the briefing materials is available here (A4 version here), and a packet containing copies of some of these materials (final agenda, maps, participant info, etc.)  will be provided when you register at the conference centre.

As you can see from the participant page, this is a diverse and impressive group.  We are excited about this opportunity to work with all of you on a set of very difficult challenges, and hope that we can use this website to begin that process now.  Thank you in advance for sharing your time and expertise—it is the foundation for our success.

Best Regards,

Debra and Alan

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