Day 1: Sunday January 29th

5:30pm Opening reception (Restaurant, tbd)

7:00pm Welcome Dinner (Restaurant, tbd)
Introductions & Background

Day 2: Monday, January 30th

7:30am Breakfast (Kobe Portopia Hotel, Quality Hotel)

9:00am Session 1: Plenary (RIKEN – Plenary Room)
Meeting Overview And Goals
Brief Overview Of IP Landscape In Asia

10:30am Break (RIKEN – Lobby)

10:45am Session 2: Plenary (RIKEN – Plenary Room)
Issue-Spotting: What Are The Most Significant Proprietary Challenges In Stem Cell Research In Asia

12:00pm Lunch (RIKEN – Lobby)

1:00pm Session 3: Breakout Groups (RIKEN – Breakout A, Breakout B)
Issue-Spotting And Models For Change/Recommendations

3:30pm Break (informal break available from 2pm – Lobby)

4:00pm Session 4: Plenary (RIKEN – Plenary Room)
Consolidate/Merge Work From Breakouts

6:00pm Recess

7:00pm Dinner in Kobe

Day 3: Tuesday, January 31st

7:30am Breakfast (Kobe Portopia Hotel, Quality Hotel)

8:30am Session 5: Plenary (RIKEN – Plenary Room)
Review Draft Product From Day 1
Revise And Refine

10:00am Break (RIKEN – Lobby)

10:15am Session 6: Plenary (RIKEN – Plenary Room)
Continue Work From Session 5

12:00pm Lunch (RIKEN – Lobby)

1:15pm Session 7: Plenary (RIKEN – Plenary Room)
Practical Applications/How To Proceed

3:00pm Break (RIKEN – Lobby)

3:15pm Session 8: Plenary (RIKEN – Plenary Room)
Summary, Conclusion, Next Steps

4:00pm Recess


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