Goals, Objectives and Proposed Products

The goal of this project is to identify, evaluate and address both the near- and long-term challenges raised by IP and data/materials sharing practices in stem cell research against an analysis of science as a public good, as operationalized in an Asian context. The specific objectives are to:

1) refine the Manchester consensus recommendations for the Japanese and Chinese contexts. These recommendations should:

a. identify the challenges faced by different stakeholders in Japan and China;

b. refine the set of moral principles that should govern the work; and

c. propose a context-sensitive set of recommendations for addressing challenges faced by current stakeholders, while optimizing the just distribution of downstream benefits

2) identify those guidelines from the refined, Japan- and China- specific set that may be actionable at the institutional, regional or national level in these countries; and

3) begin conversations about operationalizing these guidelines.

The principal products of this project will be:

1) a description of Asia-specific challenges raised by current proprietary structures in stem cell research and specified governing principles;

 2) a vetted and refined catalogue of practical, forward-looking recommendations (aimed at investigators, institutions, funders, governments) to address these challenges;

3) a list of those recommendations that may be practically operationalized in institutions in Japan and China; and

4) a network of scholars, industry representatives, lawyers and policy-makers willing to engage in ongoing work.


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