Table 1: Significant Stem Cell Research Patents

Table 1: Significant Stem Cell Research Patents
Patents in three sources:

Patent number Patent title Publication date Assignee
US 51925531,2,4Boyse, et al. Isolation and preservation of fetal and neonatal hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells of the blood and methods of therapeutic use 3/9/1993 Pharmastem Therapeutics
US 51999421,2,4Gillis Method for improving autologous transplantation 5/6/1993 Immunex
US 54533571,2,4Hogan Pluripotential embryonic stem cells and methods of making same 9/26/1995 Vanderbilt University
US 57503761,2,4Weiss, et al. In vitro growth and proliferation of genetically modified multipotent neural stem cells and their progeny 5/12/1998 Neurospheres
US 58437802,3,4Thomson Primate embryonic stem cells 12/1/1998 WARF
US 62008062,3,4Thomson Primate embryonic stem cells 3/13/2001 WARF

Patents in two sources:

Patent number Patent title Publication date Assignee
US 52269142,4Caplan, et al. Method for treating connective tissue disorders 7/13/1993 Osiris Therapeutics
US 53994932,4Emerson, et al. Methods and compositions for the optimization of human hematopoietic progenitor cell cultures 3/21/1995 University of Michigan
US 54379942,4Emerson, et al. Method for the ex vivo replication of stem cells, for the optimization of hematopoietic progenitor cell cultures, and for increasing the metabolism, GM-CSF secretion and/or IL-6 secretion of human stromal cells 8/1/1995 University of Michigan
US 54647642,4Capecchi, et al. Positive-negative selection methods and vectors 11/7/1995 First Union National Bank
US 54863591,2Caplan, et al. Human mesenchymal stem cells 1/23/1996 Osiris Therapeutics
US 55232262,4Wheeler Transgenic swine compositions and methods 6/4/1996 University of Illinois
US 55916252,4Gerson, et al. Transduced mesenchymal stem cells 1/7/1997 Case Western Reserve University
US 56122112,4Wilson, et al. Stimulation, production and culturing of hematopoietic progenitor cells by fibroblast growth factors 3/18/1997 New York University and Sloan-Kettering Institute
US 56353872,4Fei, et al. Methods and device for culturing human hematopoietic cells and their precursors 6/13/1997 CellPro
US 57535061,2Johe Isolation, propagation and directed differentiation of stem cells from embryonic and adult central nervous system of mammals 5/19/1998 CNS Stem Cell Technology
US 58518322,4Weiss, et al. In vitro growth and proliferation of multipotent neural stem cells and their progeny 12/22/1998 Neurospheres
US 59688292,4Carpenter Human CNS neural stem cells 10/19/1999 Stem Cells California
US 60906222,3Gearhart, et al. Human embryonic pluripotent germ cells 7/18/2000 Johns Hopkins University
US 61472761,2Campbell, et al. Quiescent cell populations for nuclear transfer in the production of non-human mammals and non-human mammalian embryos 11/14/2000 Roslin Institute
US 62455662,3Gearhart, et al. Human embryonic germ cell line and methods of use 6/12/2001 Johns Hopkins University
US 62807183,4Kaufman, et al. Hematopoietic differentiation of human pluripotent embryonic stem cells 8/28/2001 WARF
US 65626192,3Gearhart, et al. Differentiation of human embryonic germ cells 5/13/2003 Johns Hopkins University
US 65764642,3Gold, et al. Methods for providing differentiated stem cells 6/10/2003 Geron
US 66420482,3Xu, et al. Conditioned media for propagating human pluripotent stem cells 11/4/2003 Geron
US 68004802,3Bodnar, et al. Methods and materials for the growth of primate-derived primordial stem cells in feeder-free culture 10/5/2004 Geron
US 68281453,4Avital, et al. Method for the isolation of stem cells by immuno-labeling with HLA/MHC gene product marker 12/7/2004 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Patents in one sources:

Patent number Patent title Publication date Assignee
US 47146804Civin Human stem cells 12/22/1987 Johns Hopkins University
WO 90034324Evans, et al. Derivation of pluripotential embryonic cell lines from domestic animals 4/5/1990 Animal Biotechnology Cambridge
US 50046814Boyse, et al. Preservation of fetal and neonatal hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells of the blood 4/2/1991 Pharmastem
US 50875702Weissman, et al. Homogeneous mammalian hematopoietic stem cell composition 2/11/1992 Novartis or StemCells
US 51087532Kuberasampath, et al. Osteogenic devices 4/28/1992 Creative BioMolecules
WO 92113552Emerson, et al. Method for culturing and transforming human stem cell–containing compositions 7/9/1992 University of Michigan
US 51660652Williams, et al. In vitro propagation of embryonic stem cells 11/24/1992 Amrad
US 51753844Krimpenfort, et al. Transgenic mice depleted in mature T cells and methods for making transgenic mice 12/29/1992 GenPharm International
WO 93012752Weiss, et al. Novel growth factor responsive progenitor cells which can be proliferated in vitro 1/21/1993 Novartis or Stem Cell Therapeutics
US 51979852Caplan, et al. Method for enhancing the implantation and differentiation of marrow-derived mesenchymal cells 3/30/1993 Osiris Therapeutics
WO 93082682Fei, et al. Methods for selectively expanding stem cells 4/29/1993 Cellpro
WO 94091192Weiss, et al. Remyelination using neural stem cells 4/28/1994 Neurospheres
WO 94102922Weiss, et al. Biological factors and neural stem cells 5/11/1994 Neurospheres
US 53407404Petitte, et al. Method of producing an avian embryonic stem cell culture and the avian embryonic stem cell culture produced by the process 8/23/1994 North Carolina State University
US 54057722Ponting Medium for long-term proliferation and development of cells 4/11/1995 Amgen
WO 95105992Cherny, et al. Embryonic stem cell–like cells 4/20/1995 University of Melbourne
US 54118832Boss, et al. Proliferated neuron progenitor cell product and process 5/2/1995 Somatix Therapy Corporation
US 54361514McGlave, et al. Method for culturing human hematopoietic stem cells in vitro 7/25/1995 University of Minnesota
US 54609644McGlave, et al. Method for culturing hematopoietic cells 10/24/1995 McGlave, Verfaillie, Miller
US 54879924Capecchi, et al. Cells and non-human organisms containing predetermined genomic modifications and positive-negative selection methods and vectors for making same 1/30/1996 First Union National Bank
US 55893762Anderson, et al. Mammalian neural crest stem cells 12/31/1996 California Institute of Technology
WO 97076682Campbell, et al. Unactivated oocytes as cytoplast recipients for nuclear transfer 3/6/1997 Roslin Institute
US 56353864Palsson, et al. Methods for regulating the specific lineages of cells produced in a human hematopoietic cell culture 6/3/1997 University of Michigan
US 56396182Gay Method of isolating a lineage-specific stem cell in vitro 6/17/1997 Plurion
US 56460432Emerson, et al. Methods for the ex vivo replication of human stem cells and/or expansion of human progenitor cells 7/8/1997 University of Michigan
US 56703512Emerson, et al. Methods and compositions for the ex vivo replication of human hematopoietic stem cells 9/23/1997 University of Michigan
US 56703722Hogan Pluripotential embryonic stem cells and methods of making same 9/23/1997 Vanderbilt University
US 56724992Anderson, et al. Immortalized neural crest stem cells and methods of making 9/30/1997 California Institute of Technology
US 56909262Hogan Pluripotential embryonic cells and methods of making same 11/25/1997 Vanderbilt University
US 57285814Schwartz, et al. Method of expanding hematopoietic stem cells, reagents and bioreceptors for use therein 3/17/1998 Novartis
US 65282451 Bone marrow cells as a source of neurons for brain and spinal cord repair 5/7/1999 University of South Florida
US 59142682Keller, et al. Embryonic cell populations and methods to isolate such populations 6/22/1999 National Jewish Center for Immunology & Respiratory Medicine
US 59455771Stice, et al. Cloning using donor nuclei from proliferating somatic cells 8/31/1999 University of Massachusetts
US 59453374Brown Method for culturing CD34+ cells in a serum-free medium 8/31/1999 Quality Biological
US 60111971Strelchenko, et al. Method of cloning bovines using reprogrammed non-embryonic bovine cells 1/4/2000 Infigen
US 61468881Smith, et al. Method of enriching for mammalian stem cells 11/14/2000 University of Edinburgh
US 61716104Vacanti, et al. Guided development and support of hydrogel-cell compositions 1/9/2001 The Children’s Medical Center Corporation
WO 010110111Furcht, et al. Multipotent adult stem cells and methods for isolation 2/15/2001 MCL LLC, Furcht, Verfaille, Reyes
WO 01217671Young, et al. Pluripotent embryonic-like stem cells, compositions, methods and uses thereof 3/29/2001 Morphogen Pharmaceuticals
WO 01397841Abraham, et al. Pancreatic stem cells and their use in transplantation 6/7/2001 The General Hospital Corporation
US 62878633Hodgson Method of transferring a DNA sequence to a cell in vitro 9/11/2001 Nature Technology Corporation
US 63262011Fung, et al. Pancreatic progenitor cells, methods and uses related thereto 12/4/2001 Curis
US 63314063Gearhart, et al. Human embryonic germ cell and methods of use 12/18/2001 Johns Hopkins University
US 64367011Evans, et al. Derivation of pluripotential embryonic cell lines from ungulate species 8/20/2002 Babraham Institute
US 64585892Rambhatla, et al. Hepatocyte lineage cells derived from pluripotent stem cells 10/1/2002 Geron Corporation
US 64792853Vise, et al. P53 as a regulator of cell differentiation 11/12/2002 University of Texas
US 65282453Sanchez-Ramos, et al. Bone marrow cells as a source of neurons for brain and spinal cord repair 3/4/2003 University of South Florida
US 65340523Xiao, et al. Cardiac function comprising implantation of embryonic stem cell in which differentiation has been initiated 3/18/2003 Polystem
US 65482994Pykett, et al. Lymphoid tissue-specific cell production from hematopoietic progenitor cells in three-dimensional devices 4/15/2003 Cytomatrix
US 66027113Thomson, et al. Method of making embryoid bodies from primate embryonic stem cells 8/5/2003 WARF
US 66077203Xiao, et al. Genetically altered mammalian embryonic stem cells, their living progeny, and their therapeutic application for improving cardiac function after myocardial infarction 8/19/2003 Polystem
US 66387632Steindler, et al. Isolated mammalian neural stem cells 10/28/2003 University of Tennessee
US 66671763Funk, et al. cDNA libraries reflecting gene expression during growth and differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells 12/23/2003 Geron
US 66801982Snyder, et al. Engraftable human neural stem cells 1/20/2004 The Children’s Medical Center Corporation
US 67592443Alikani, et al. Composite blastocysts (CBs) from aggregates of dissociated cells of non-viable pre-embryos 7/6/2004 Art Institute of New York and New Jersey
US 67677373Wilson, et al. Stem cells bearing an FGF receptor on the cell surface 7/27/2004 New York University
US 68756073Reubinoff, et al. Embryonic stem cells 4/5/2005 ES Cell International
US 68877063Zhang, et al. Method of in vitro differentiation of transplantable neural precursor cells from primate embryonic stem cells 5/3/2005 WARF
US 69216323Lim, et al. Human embryonic stem cells derived from frozen-thawed embryo 7/26/2005 Maria Biotech
US 69216653McWhir, et al. Selective antibody targeting of undifferentiated stem cells 7/26/2005 Roslin Institute and Geron
US 70150373Furcht, et al. Multipotent adult stem cells and methods for isolation 2/21/2006 University of Minnesota
US 70052523Thomson Serum free cultivation of primate embryonic stem cells 2/28/2006 WARF
US 70225183Feye Apparatus and method for co-culturing of cells 4/4/2006 Feye, Glen
US 70299133Thomson Primate embryonic stem cells 4/18/2006 WARF
US 70302923Yan, et al. Method for producing a population of homozygous stem cells having a pre-selected immunotype and/or genotype, cells suitable for transplant derived therefrom, and materials and methods using same 4/18/2006 Stemron
US 70377202Rao, et al. Neuroepithelial stem cells and glial-restricted intermediate precursors 5/2/2006 University of Utah Research Foundation
US 70414383Carpenter, et al. Use of human embryonic stem cells for drug screening and toxicity testing 5/9/2006 Geron
US 70453533Benvenisty Directed differentiation of human embryonic cells 5/16/2006 Yissum Research Development Company
US 70673164Pykett, et al. Methods and devices for the long-term culture of hematopoietic progenitor cells 6/27/2006 Cytomatrix
US 70839773Nakatsuji Monkey-origin embryonic stem cells 8/1/2006 Tanabe Seiyaku
US 71124373Pera Methods of culturing embryonic stem cells and controlled differentiation 9/26/2006 ES Cell International
US 71124403Abuljadayel Method of increasing the relative number of CD45 low cells in a cell population 9/26/2006 Dhoot, Ghazi
US 71480623Xu, et al. Method for generating primate trophoblasts 12/12/2006 WiCell Research Institute
US 71536843Hogan Pluripotential embryonic stem cells and methods of making same 12/26/2006 Vanderbilt University
US 71760233Kaufman, et al. Endothelial cells derived from primate embryonic stem cells 2/13/2007 WARF
US 71868833Williams, et al. In vitro propagation of embryonic stem cells 3/6/2007 Zenyth Operations
US 72020803Ramiya, et al. Method for transdifferentiation of non-pancreatic stem cells to the pancreatic differentiation pathway 4/10/2007 Ixion Biotechnology
US 72175693Thomson Clonal cultures of primate embryonic stem cells 5/15/2007 Thomson, James
US 72204123Abuljadayel Method of preparing an undifferentiated cell 5/22/2007 Dhoot, Ghazi
US 72049794Bjornson, et al. Generation of hematopoietic cells from multipotent neural stem cells 4/17/2007 NeuroSpheres
US 72558794Hariri Post-partum mammalian placenta, its use and placental stem cells therefrom 8/14/2007 Anthrogenesis
US 72975394Mandalam, et al. Medium for growing human embryonic stem cells 11/20/2007 Geron
US 73119054Hariri Embryonic-like stem cells derived from post-partum mammalian placenta, and uses and methods of treatment using said cells 12/25/2007 Anthrogenesis
US 73120784Peled, et al. Methods of controlling proliferation and differentiation of stem and progenitor cells 12/25/2007 Gamida Cell
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